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Thermal Imaging Site Surveys

I.T.S. performs Site Surveys and Energy Audits using Advanced Thermal Imaging Technology

Avoid Costly Failures

Over time, mechanical and electrical equipment may experience failure due to a variety of factors. These failures, if not spotted and remediated promptly, can result in serious damage and shutdown of an entire process line. Thermal imaging cameras can pinpoint weak points and potential costly faults before they happen.

*Thermal imaging converts infrared (IR) radiation (heat) into visible images that indicate temperature differences in a scene viewed by the thermal camera.

Minimize Downtime

Thermal imaging technology can identify predictive maintenance in furnaces, boilers, ovens, incinerators, and heat producing equipment/components and installations. I.T.S. uses advanced Fluke TiX580 thermal cameras to capture high quality images that can pinpoint weak points and potential costly faults in advance.

Thermal imaging cameras can detect most equipment problems during operation and at an early stage. This allows for planned, orderly shutdown and component replacement, thereby reducing maintenance costs and production losses.

*Themal imaging technology provides an unsurpassed level of detail in infrared images and the ability to capture quality images of objects that are not detectable with visual inspection.


Thermal imaging identifies:

  • Energy/heat loss in furnace and duct work
  • Hot spots on wiring, PLC panels, etc.
  • Coking that plugs the inside of tubes and impedes product flow
  • Slag and dust build-up on the outside of tubes that causes poor heat transfer
  • Burner damage, misalignment, or unlit burners
  • Product leakage
  • Oxidation development that leads to weak spots
  • Refractory damage
  • Inaccurate thermocouples
  • Insulation deficiencies
  • Gasket leaks

Thermal imaging allows us to monitor the condition and characteristics of your equipment against predetermined tolerances. This will help predict possible malfunctions or failures, allowing you to replace, repair, remediate and/or rehabilitate deteriorating components before they fail completely and potentially cause unplanned downtime.

Using the data from thermal imaging technology, I.T.S. will provide you with a written summary report documenting the audit findings, estimated energy loss calculations, recommendations, and conclusions.

Advanced capabilities further enable I.T.S. to:

  • Edit and optimize images
  • Combine infrared and visible images for simpler analysis
  • Create detailed reports
  • Organize and search images by asset, severity, and title

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Let us help you find faults before they become failures. I.T.S. conducts thorough audits and performs thermal imaging on mechanical and electrical systems from HVAC to combustion furnace, boiler installations and processes.

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