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Purashield Antimicrobial Air Scrubber

Purashield Antimicrobial Multi-Stage Filtration Air Scrubber

I.T.S. can help you improve air quality and destroy airborne viruses and bacteria with a Purashield Antimicrobial Multi-Stage Filtration Air Scrubber

The COVID-19 pandemic serves as a reminder of the importance of air quality and the potential deadly impact of airborne contaminants.  COVID-19 viral particles can remain in the air for many hours making air filtration an important component in controlling the pandemic and assuring a safe environment.

Purafil, a leader in gas phase and air filtration for over 50 years, has engineered a new line of  Purashield multi-layered air scrubbers that destroy certain viruses and bacteria on contact. Lab data show that the Purafil SP Media can kill an average of 93.78% of bacteria particles and an average of 99.49% of virus pathogens within two hours.

Purashield air scrubbers:

      • Quickly and effectively remove harmful viruses, bacteria, and mold from the air
      • Capture and destroy microbials on contact
      • Are equipped with an antimicrobial HEPA particulate filter using PuraWard® technology
      • Filter out harmful PM0.3, PM2.5 particulate matter
      • Remove toxic and damaging gaseous pollutants

Innovative multi-stage filtration. Developed and manufactured in the USA, Purashield air scrubbers quickly and effectively remove harmful viruses, bacteria and mold by utilizing multi-stage filtration. The filters combine particulate filtration, patented antimicrobial chemical filtration through oxidization, and HEPA filtration with PuraWard fiber (PWF) technology to destroy bacteria and viruses on contact.

    • A Pre-filter traps dust, pollen and large particulate matter
    • Chemical filtration – patented antimicrobial media eliminates target viruses and bacteria using oxidation, while removing toxic and harmful gases from the air.
    • Antimicrobial fiber – Patented PuraWard fiber with antimicrobial properties (using copper and silver ions) eliminates target viruses, bacteria, and mold
    • A HEPA final filter captures PM0.3, PM2.5 and other particulates, allergens, bacteria and viruses.

Antimicrobial Fibers: The PuraWard Fiber is a high efficiency fiber embedded with copper and silver ions that jointly attack bacteria and viruses. PuraWard fiber has been successfully applied to air filters, textiles, and respiratory masks approved by the FDA for their antibacterial and antiviral properties in surgical environments. (PuraWard is not available in the EU)


Antimicrobial Chemical Filtration: Developed and manufactured in the USA, this patented dry chemical filtration media destroys target viruses and bacteria on contact through oxidation.


Sizes and capacities to meet your needs:  Purafil’s line of air filtration equipment comes in a range of sizes and airflows. Both the Purashield 1000 and the Purashield 500 models completely and efficiently remove and destroy up to 99.98% of certain viruses and bacteria from the environment.

Purashield 1000

  • 600 CFM / 1,000 CMH
  • Holds 50 lbs. of antimicrobial filtration media blend
  • Compact design with casters for mobility
  • Brushed aluminum exterior
  • High efficiency with less power consumption
  • Low pressure drop and low noise level
  • Fans are Class F, thermally protected, IP44 protection
  • EC fan is CE and CCC certified and is controlled by a potentiometer
  • Voltage: 110V US / 220V EU





Purashield 500

  • 350+ CFM / 600 CMH (Protects areas from 212 to 265 square feet)
  • Holds 11 lbs. of antimicrobial filtration media
  • Compact design with casters for portability
  • High efficiency with less power consumption
  • Low pressure drop and quiet operation
  • Voltage: 110V US / 220V EU
  • 360-degree air circulation and purification
  • 10ft power cord (3 meters)
  • Blower Certifications: CE, ETL, CCC, and TUV Rheinland





Purashield air scrubbers are ideal for use in:

    • Educational institutions
    • Hospitals
    • Medical and health care facilities
    • Industrial and manufacturing facilities
    • Senior living facilities
    • Office buildings
    • Laboratories

Technical Literature and Reports

To learn more about Purafil Air Scrubbers or Contact I.T.S. at 513-561-2100 for detailed product information and engineering specifications.