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SLATE™ Integrated Combustion Equipment Management


honeywell-slate1The revolutionary integration of configurable safety and programmable logic in a single, modular platform


Honeywell has been your go-to resource for best-in-class combustion components for decades. Now, that legendary quality is available  in a complete solution. If you have a boiler installed on-site Honeywell/ITS is your one-stop shop when it’s time for a boiler upgrade or controls  replacement.


This solution is a pre-wired, fully assembled boiler control system or commercial and industrial boiler applications ideal for 10M to 100M BTU that comes complete with a panel, program display screen and the ability to add single- or dual-fuel pipe trains with custom mounting arrangements.

Using SLATE’s revolutionary integration of safety and programmable logic in a single, powerful platform, this solution significantly streamlines and simplifies the install, start-up and commissioning process.

SLATE™ streamlines and simplifies the product development process, helping you win in more industries and applications in a matter of weeks – not months or years.*

Program faster

Flexible programming tools help you implement proprietary applications more quickly.

Cut engineering time

Eliminates complex, time-consuming wiring and programming.

Speed production

Load your custom application kit with a PC for faster duplication.

Simplify inventory

One platform from one vendor means significantly fewer products to source, purchase, stock and  manage.



Combustion Solutions | Powered by SLATE helps you and your customers get more done in less time – with a lot less complexity.


Pre-programmed: the solution comes pre-programmed with all necessary boiler-specific logic and functionality, reducing install time.

Factory-wired and tested: all systems are fully wired and function-tested before shipment, ensuring smooth, start-up and commissioning.

One supplier and one PO: it’s one complete, fully-integrated boiler solution, which means it’s just one relationship to manage versus keeping track of multiple vendors, multiple SKUs and multiple POs.

Comprehensive support: we can provide expert installation, start-up and commissioning services for you, and provide training.


Enhanced safety and code compliance: meets the latest codes and standards including NFPA 85, ASME CSD-1 and CSA, helping ensure safe operation.

Greater energy efficiency: the fuel air ratio control includes precision valves and actuators, VFDs and the ability to trim stack O2, giving the boiler higher turndown, minimizing cycling and delivering optimal performance.

Reduced emissions: the fuel air ratio control also helps control burner performance for the cleanest burn possible, helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


boilersSeamless integration with BAS: built-in BACnet and Modbus services enable easy connection with building automation systems, providing easy access to current boiler status information.

Remote troubleshooting: customers can remotely access the system via web services or a mobile device using an IP address, helping them monitor and troubleshoot from anywhere.

Intuitive touchscreen interface: simple, easy-to-understand messages and graphics help technicians make more timely, informed decisions.

Easier installation

On-board communication protocols

Built-in BACnet and Modbus services enable seamless integration  with Building  Automation Systems.

DIN-rail mountable

Modular platform easily mounts to a DIN rail for faster installations in the field.

Efficient operation

Intuitive diagnostics

Simple, easy-to-understand messages enable real-time system monitoring and more timely, informed decision-making.

Optimized energy efficiency

Integrated O2 trim and two VFD control additions on the fuel air ratio control module ensure exceptional accuracy while optimizing burner  performance.

On-board system guides

On-screen system guides make it easy to find answers or troubleshoot in the field.

Faster service

Status indicators

Technicians can quickly identify problems – no blinking lights, no fault codes and no manuals.

Plug-and-play replacement

Individual modules can be easily removed and replaced without purchasing and reprogramming a whole new platform.

Easy data backup

Application kit and platform information can be downloaded and saved with an SD card and USB drive.


Industrial Thermal Systems provides more than just turn-key combustion systems; we deliver hands-on support at every phase of the process, from start to finish and beyond. Whether you need one highly custom solution or several of the same system, the experts at Industrial Thermal Systems are here to help you maximize your business opportunities.

  • Consultative sales team: our dedicated sales professionals can help you find a solution that meets your project, budget and delivery In addition, we can source any product to meet your specifications.
  • Unmatched engineering expertise: our engineers have decades of experience in the commercial and industrial combustion space, and will work with you to design a system that’s built to the highest specifications and specific to your application needs.
  • Start-up and commissioning: if needed, we will send a technician to your facility or the job site to provide system start-up and commissioning services
  • End user training: we can facilitate training sessions for your customers and their service teams to ensure safe operation and maintenance.
  • Post-install support: our technical staff are also available to help troubleshoot any issues that arise after install and day-to-day operation.
  • Combustion safety services: our safety professionals have experience and expertise with all types of fuel-fired systems across numerous industries and provide expert consulting, customized training, engineering and field services, testing, inspections, safety audits and gas hazard management.

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