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SONOPRO® Industrial Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flowmeter

SONOPRO Portable Unit

I.T.S. is pleased to announce Azbil/VorTek Instruments has just released the SONOPRO® industrial clamp-on non-invasive ultrasonic flowmeter.

The flowmeter uses advanced digital signal processing to deliver accurate and ratable volumetric flow readings.

Because the SONOPRO attaches to the outside of a pipe, there is no wear, no pressure loss and no need to stop the process to install the device.

The SONOPRO is available in a Fixed Unit and a Portable Unit.

I am sure you will want to learn more about how the SONOPRO can enhance your operation and save your company time and money. For further details and call Mark Bauer at 513-575-9586 or 800-752-3697.

Download this page as a pdf click here – Ultrasonic Fixed Unit_ITS