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Vista Metals

Finding A Manufacturer To Take On The Low NOx Challenge

Southern California Gas, known as SoCal Gas, agreed to help Vista Metals find a prototype burner that would perform below the emissions ceiling which had to be met. SoCal Gas contacted several burner manufacturers to determine interest in the low NOx project. Ultimately, California Gas gave the nod to Stordy Combustion to design the low-emissions burner. Industrial Thermal Systems became involved in the project shortly thereafter.

Stordy and Industrial Thermal Systems R&D team fast-tracked the design. In a little less than five months the system was up and running.


Can That PPM Number Be Right?


What was achieved? The new burner design, now known as the NOx Beta System, settled into a run pattern of 27 ppm of NOx at 3% O2. This ultra low emissions level impressed California air quality officials.

Tests were conducted by California’s prestigious South Coast Air Quality Management group, which has established the nation’s most stringent test regimens and particulate standards. After concluding their tests, South Coast stipulated that Vista Metal’s new furnace was operating at below 38 ppm of NOx, and that the new equipment met the requirements. The permit to operate the new furnace then was granted.

Icing On The Cake

Further record-keeping by Vista Metals revealed an important bonus for the aluminum smelter. Gas consumption for the new furnace was reduced by 39%, while throughput remained at the same level of the company’s less efficient, higher emission furnaces.

And The Rest Of The Story

ITS has provided Vista Metals with the most advanced burner systems in the world, along with the most advanced air quality controls. Since the first installation came on line in early 1995, ITS has converted the entire operation to this system.
Why the change? “The savings in fuel gave Vista Metals a real competitive advantage in the market in addition to improving air quality in Southern California. It’s a win for Vista and for clean air.”

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