Annual Service Boiler Maintenance Checklist

nnually or Semi-annually ever year your boiler should be checked by a qualified Service Technician who has been trained to perform maintenance on boiler or combustion related equipment.

This inspection should include:

  • Rigorously inspect the heating system and rectify any problems.
  • Clean and inspect the heat exchanger of the boiler.
  • Ensure all boiler connections and wiring is intact.
  • Make sure water quality is within the proper range.
  • Inspect condensate system and clean and flush the system as necessary.
  • Examine and clean flame sensors, ignitor, and burner assembly.
  • Scrutinize the venting system for deterioration, corrosion, or blockage to ensure all pipe and joint connections are secure.
  • Survey the vent terminations and air inlet to make sure they’re unobstructed and clear.
  • Check control settings as well as test safety controls and operating controls per CSD-1, FM, NFPA current requirements

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